Vedic Math

Vedic Math consists of ancient Indian math principles, a system of mental mathematics that improves thought processing in simple steps and flexes the brain muscles to enhance its natural uninhibited problem-solving ability. There are many ways to solve math problems!

With 16 Sutras providing the rules or core principles, one can find and use a variety of methods that are easy to understand. This is because Vedic Math Sutras work in tandem with the natural pathways of the brain. The methods are easy to assimilate and work on in contrast to conventional maths.

Amaze your friends with the Vedic Method:

All from 9 and the last from 10

Example: 10,000 - 1,049 = 8,951.

We simply take each figure in 1049 from 9 except the last figure from 10.

So, the answer is 8951. And that's all to it!

So, the answer is 8951. (underline 8951). And that's all to it!

This always works for subtractions from numbers consisting
of a 1 followed by noughts: 100; 1000; 10,000 etc.

Sutras work in patterns like those in our brain, ‘vertically and diagonally’.

Solutions involve only a few steps and do not require calculators.

It cultivates mental agility, thereby meeting the brain-based learning’s criteria to improve all the 5 brain abilities.

No approach is wrong as the Sutras are flexible and can be creatively manipulated to arrive at the same answer.

The methodology’s simplicity means that one can do it mentally, making it efficient and fast.


Below are some of the benefits your child stands to achieve in learning Vedic math.

Balance your child conventional learning skills in schools.

Builds your child’s level of confidence in math by being happy.

Exciting way with fun to learn math.

Allow your child to use their creativity by exploring the simple and flexible sutra of Vedic Math.

Opening doors to experimental learning in math.

Enable them to learn and perform a calculation on a faster rate.

Provide a set of independent checking method to allow children to cross check their work and avoid careless mistakes.

It allows holistic development in the human brain.


Learning Vedic Math opens a new dimension of creativity in a subject most often thought to be uncreative and unimaginative. Its flexibility and varied methods do not require one to memorize fixed steps to solve a problem. Rather, a student can decide for themselves the best solution to apply, based on the problem at hand.


Once learning and practising the Vedic Math methods, parents will realise how much and how well their child can do math by nurturing their MathBrain qualities. This new sense of empowerment gives children the confidence to use and rely on their own abilities to solve mathematical problems.  Besides, there is unlimited creativity your child can apply into Vedic Math, whether it is visualizing a pattern, a question, a solution or even to create their own methods!



23 x 11 = ?

Points to Ponder:

MathBrain is the ability to effectively use the 5 brain abilities in line with math principles to proffer solutions to problems. By using MathBrain, children are able to explore each of their 5 brain abilities with the aid of math principles to facilitate problem solving.

Do you think the above methods are confusing?
Or is your brain confused?

Compare the other methods with Method 1, which method is the fastest to find the answer?

Are the methods using the same or different principles?

Does your brain reject the methods or was it able to accept them?

These methods have no conflicts. Anyone with MathBrain ability can see the exact calculation similarities from a different angle.

1.1 Method 2 is another angle of method 1.

1.2 Method 3 is also different angle of method 1. In method 1, you can see that nothing (‘0’) was added to 2, 2 add to 3, 3 add to nothing (‘0’).



The principles of Vedic Math can serve as an alternative method to calculation and add to your child’s existing knowledge of math. We educate Vedic Math techniques, to empower children and instil MathBrain qualities in them. They will grow up to be confident to solve problems in academic and fulfilment in life.

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