Special Events


Math Monkey Special Programs are available to public and kindergartens. Our unique BrainThink Learning methodology, allows children to be hands-on and actively involved in the learning process. These popular hands-on activities offer a great learning value and encourage the active participation of children. It utilizes creative participatory techniques to develop their imagination and intellect. Our BrainThink instructors are specially trained to simultaneously entertain and educate.

Play . Think . Learn . Math

Our Philosophy

Math Monkey philosophy is to get every child feel excited to come and play. The learning of math becomes easy when the children is happy. Vedic Math no longer becomes confusing as the children find excitements to solve challenges in many ways.

Our Approach

Every child is motivated to have fun. Play attracts their attention and their curiosity will get them to think and learn naturally.


With Play to Learn, children will discover skills that they never knew existed. Your children will also learn valuable lessons during teamwork, as each team competes with another in various interactive games. This leads to enrichment of knowledge and boosts self-confidence to solve problems on their own.

Learning Outcomes

With lots of excitement in playing, children will be Curious -> Explore -> Test -> Repeat to learn until they Master it. Their curiosities and excitement will bring out the best in them!