Play to Learn

One of the philosophies behind holistic education is learning through playing, a method known to help your child to find out how to make sense of the world around them. Through self-directed play that inspires experiential learning, children can develop cognitive, social skills, as well as emotional maturity, which helps them to gain the self-confidence needed to engage with new experiences and environments.
Play aids understanding and long-term memory learning that memorisation is incapable of emulating.
Every child has an intrinsic desire to engage in different types of play based on their interests and strengths.
Children learn much through play.
Play-based learning allows children to explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems.


Holistic education acts as a catalyst for positive child development.
Would you like your children to have a deeper connection and appreciation of the extended world?
Do you want to help them find their true talent and skill in an ever-increasing competitive and global society?
Holistic education can help mould our children of today into future leaders.