Children love to play. At Math Monkey, every child will enjoy learning as much as they enjoy playing. Children have this natural motivation to learn while they play. With fun, curiosity is spurred, and this makes their learning even more exciting!

Our Play to Learn Math program create lots of fun with numbers while learning Vedic Math principles, facilitated by BrainThink Learning to develop 5 brain abilities and MathBrain.
Our BrainThink Learning methodology encourages children’s curiosity to explore various ways to find answers to problems. Eventually, they develop greater understanding of the subject matter.
MathBrain the ability to solve problems using the 5 brain abilities with math principles.
With BrainThink Learning, motivated children will improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Do you know the more versatile children are, the more adaptable they will be in learning and growing up?

Playtime is not a distraction to education but have many benefits in stimulating children’s brain development! In fact, children pay more attention to academic tasks when they are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play.

Navigating our ever-changing world, PLAY to LEARN will encourage and prepare our children’s personal development and adaptability to changes.
5 brain abilities (5BA) consists of Attention, Visualization, Logical Reasoning, Memory and Processing Speed.
Development of 5 brain abilities helps in building their self-confidence, strengthening their leaning capabilities as well as sharpening their problem-solving skills. Learn more about PLAY TO LEARN.

What is MathBrain?

MathBrain is the ability to solve problems using 5 brain abilities by applying math principles.
Learn more about MathBrain.

Do you know about your child’s 5 brain abilities?

Become a smart and well-informed parent. Learn about your child’s 5 brain abilities today to identify appropriate learning for your child to develop the brain abilities properly.

Gather accurate information from a math problem.


Understand the meaningful relationship between numerical symbols and words.

Logical Thinking

Figure out the different ways of solving the problem.


Apply appropriate methods or formulae to solve the problem.

Processing Speed

Derive the answer quickly and accurately.

Learn more about 5 Brain Abilities.

What is Vedic Math ?

Vedic Math is a collection of math principles to solve math arithmetic. It consists of 16 Sutras which can be used to solve problems. It improves thoughts processing in a few simple steps and flexes the brain muscles to enhance its natural uninhibited learning abilities.
There are many easy and faster ways to solve problems!
Below are some of the benefits your child stands to achieve while learning Vedic Math:

Balance your child conventional learning skills in schools.

Builds your child’s level of confidence in math by being happy.

Exciting way with fun to learn math.

Allow your child to use their creativity by exploring the simple and flexible sutra of Vedic Math.

Opening doors to experimental learning in math.

Enable them to learn and perform a calculation on a faster rate.

Provide a set of independent checking method to allow children to cross check their work and avoid careless mistakes.

It allows holistic development in the human brain.

Learn more about Vedic Math.

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