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Franchise and Licensing Opportunity!

We have a unique education to develop children’s 5 Brain Abilities to solve Math problems and ensure their better future. To help bring these programs to many children around the world, we are offering franchise or licensing opportunities. If you want to make a difference for our children and inspire the innovative minds of the future, consider Math Monkey franchise or licensing program! We have flexible business models which include either partnership with kindergartens, or licensing our curriculum with BrainThink Learning methodology, or franchise a proven business model.

The Math Monkey MathBrain Center

Our MathBrain center offers Math enrichment and creativity program. We have 8 levels of curriculum for children age 4 to 12 years old. We place the children with similar abilities in the same class regardless of their age. The center will become a place where young children can come to learn Math concepts in a playful and fun, yet safe environment.


We license MathBrain curriculum to kindergartens to cater for 4 to 6 years old children. We provide training and marketing support to kindergartens educators and make them part of our bigger family to work with their parents to inspire their children.

The Home-based business opportunity

This is a great opportunity to start small with a lower investment level. It gives licensees the ability to deliver Play to Learn Math programs, workshops, camps and shows inside classrooms and at various other community locations.

Be part of an International
Franchise and Licensing Network

Math Monkey Asia has various exciting franchising and licensing models to develop young children’s 5 brain abilities and Math problem solving skills by having lots of fun with Play to Learn programs.


We also partner with kindergartens and other educational centers to provide our educators and curriculum to deliver our lessons to their young children at their premises. We have a different types of partnership models to help you establish a successful learning centre. To find out more, please schedule a consultation with our representatives.
Find out how enhancing children’s lives can be rewarding and fulfilling.


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