Frequently Asked Questions


Math Monkey is a math enrichment centre that uses Play-to-Learn methodology to help today’s children to think and develop problem solving skills by learning math.
Math Monkey classes focus on fun which motivates children to be excited to learn. Our Play to Learn approach will lead children to be happy all the time and our BrainThink Learning methodology will facilitate the children’s learning without them realising it. We use Vedic Math principles in our MathBrain program to develop problem solving skills.
Vedic Math is ancient math principles which improves thoughts processing in simple steps and flexes the brain muscles to enhance its natural uninhibited problem-solving abilities. Learn many ways to solve math problems!
The BrainThink Learning is a methodology for children to think and learn in finding solutions to problems. It is a process of Curiosity-Explore-Test-Repeat-Master where the 5 Brain Abilities play a major function in problem solving skills. Your child will have flexible mind to learn what are taught and ask questions at school. Thus, improve his or her problem-solving capabilities and avoid relying only on memory ability.
Every child has these amazing 5 Brain Abilities. These abilities are Attention, Visualization, Logical Reasoning, Memory and Processing Speed. It is a set of mental abilities that we need to carry out any task from the simplest to the most complex including problem solving. Regardless strong or weak abilities, these 5 brain abilities can be improved and developed to their full potential!
MathBrain is the ability to solve problems using 5 brain abilities by applying math principles.
In Math Monkey, our trained instructors will facilitate the children’s learning on how to solve problems with Vedic Math principles and their 5 Brain Abilities.

Along with that, our BrainThink Learning methodology improves the children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The combination is truly phenomenal.

Math Monkey’s program caters for children aged 4-12 years old. However, we encourage parents to consider starting their child as young as possible because the brain development is more flexible at a younger age.
Prior to enrolment, your child will participate in a short (10 to 15 minute) pre-enrolment interview that will help us determine the best placement for your child. The interview consists of a short series of skills assessments as well as a few simple verbal questions.

Interested to find out which level for you child? Schedule an appointment with us without any obligation!

Children who are already strong in math will find the Math Monkey program exciting and stimulating. The program can be accelerated, children can explore and be excited to learn higher level of Vedic Math principles. They will develop higher level of MathBrain with sharpened logical and critical thinking skills.
We do find children who are weak and fears for math excel in the Math Monkey program because of alternative approaches. The supportive and fun environment that we create, motivate all children to be happy and learn.
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