BrainThink Learning


Grow up with Creative Thinking with BrainThink Learning
BrainThink Learning is a form of holistic education. This approach targets the learner’s personality, emotions, physical needs, and the surrounding environment while promoting the processes of cognitive skills.

BrainThink Learning is based on the concept that a person’s IQ can be nurtured by developing and improving the brains’ functioning, resiliency and creativity. By understanding how the brain works and functions with the 5 brain abilities, the full potential of children can be developed with the positive mindset, creativity and attributes that they need to excel in a much different future world.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”
– Margaret Mead

Here are general differences between conventional learning and holistic approach to meaningful education:

Conventional Learning
BrainThink Learning


BrainThink Learning promotes brain’s learning processes – Curiosity – Explore – Test – Repeat – Master and the brain will take the 5 brain abilities through these 5 stages processes through its natural function of Input – Process – Output methodically, logicaly and comprehensively.
Each stage activates the 5 brain abilities, correlates the principles of brain-based learning to analyse, learn and solve problems.

How Do Our Brains Learn?

The maxim of BrainThink instructors – always teach according to how the brain works. A BrainThink instructor always creates his lesson plans by acknowledging how the brain works through a variety of creative and well-planned teaching methods.
A stress free and effective learning environment.
A natural motivated learner who loves learning and challenges.
A sharp and calm problem solver.
A highly creative and resourceful person.
A visionary leader who will take on any challenges to achieve his dreams.
Pursue imagination to be a possibility of tomorrow.


Are equipped to adapt in the future world.

Have every quality and attribute they need to excel in the future world.

Are fully capable of pursuing whatever dreams they want.

Are more fulfilled, satisfied, and truly HAPPY.

BrainThink Learning is a brain-based methodology that stimulates children’s brain to think cognitively, rather than by rote. It aims to produce whole-rounded individuals who are positive and confident; able to tackle problems and approach life without fear.
Here is a simplified diagram to illustrate the two comprising components of BrainThink Learning.