About Us

Math Monkey Asia

Founded in Miami, Florida (2006), Math Monkey provides Play to Learn Math Enrichment Program which teaches Vedic Math principles to solve problems. Math Monkey instructors facilitate young children (4 to 12 years old) to learn math in a fun and engaging environment.

Over many years of research in Vedic Math from India, and continuous development in Hong Kong and Penang, we have created a curriculum that boosts logic, reasoning and critical skills. Inspired by the wisdom of the East and weaved with the creativity of the West, Math Monkey has connected the best of two worlds – creating a program that meets the needs of the most driven children so that they can reach their full potential!

With fun and game-based method, we are committed in creating a happy conducive learning environment for children to learn math.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: The global organisation which enriched children’s mind to have solid foundation to grow and flourish with amazing possibilities.
Mission: Provide safe and stimulating environments, collaborate with parents’ communities to inspire our children to think and learn happily.

Play . Think . Learn . Math

Our Philosophy

Math Monkey philosophy is to get every child feel excited to come and play. The learning of math becomes easy when the children is happy. Vedic Math no longer becomes confusing as the children find excitements to solve challenges in many ways.

Our Approach

Every child is motivated to have fun. Play attracts their attention and their curiosity will get them to think and learn naturally.


With Play to Learn, children will discover skills that they never knew existed. Your children will also learn valuable lessons during teamwork, as each team competes with another in various interactive games. This leads to enrichment of knowledge and boosts self-confidence to solve problems on their own.

Learning Outcomes

With lots of excitement in playing, children will be Curious -> Explore -> Test -> Repeat to learn until they Master it. Their curiosities and excitement will bring out the best in them!

Math Monkey
Develops children’s brains to learn by thinking

Children’s brains are more flexible in the early years. The brain continuously goes through changes in life, sharping and reshaping, as they continue to learn and adapt to new experiences.

Application of methodical and meticulous processes is best learnt during childhood. These processes catalyze brain development because of the drive to learn.

Brain training is considered as an essential process of brain development. It can be done in a variety of ways; playing different games and puzzles are the best ways to train children’s brains as they learn better with FUN !